Levitan J. I Met the Walrus (with DVD)

Levitan J. I Met the Walrus (with DVD)


Короткий перессказ книги Levitan J. I Met the Walrus (with DVD). After hearing John was in Toronto for a bed in, Jerry tracked him down at the King Edward Hotel and convinced the worlds biggest rock star to sit down for an exclusive forty-minute interview. Imagine youre the worlds biggest Beatles fan and youve just snuck into John Lennons hotel room. Complete with an audio and video DVD of the interview that inspired the Academy Award-nominated film of the same name, I Met the Walrus is an immortalized one-on-one moment with John—a must-have for Lennon fans around the world, as well as anyone who has ever dreamed of meeting a hero. But instead of being thrown out, inexplicably youre invited to spend the day with your idol. Also included in the book is Jerrys memorabilia from that day—notes from John and Yoko, the secret code to contact him, drawings, Johns doodles, and much more. Thats exactly what happened to fourteen-year-old Jerry Levitan in 1969. John talked candidly about war, politics, the scandalous Two Virgins album, and the supposed subliminal messages in his music.Now, forty years later, its all here: Jerrys once-in-a-lifetime adventure, illustrated by acclaimed artist James Braithwaite and featuring never before seen photographs of John and Yoko.

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